Survivors Against TB

Survivors Against TB is a community-based movement led by of a group of TB survivors who are working to strengthen India’s fight against TB. These survivors both understand and have lived the experience of surviving TB in its severest forms and understand the social, economic and cultural circumstances in which individuals address TB.  Based on these experiences, these survivors advocate with key stakeholders on the changes necessary to make TB care more accessible and patient centric in India. SATB believes that if India wishes to address TB comprehensively, it needs to start by listening to survivors and engaging them in policy making that affects them the most.

Why a survivor led movement?

Survivors both understand and have lived the experience of surviving TB in its severest forms. They also have the added experience of working with other survivors and they understand the way in which the TB affected interact with doctors, health systems, in families and communities. 

What can SATB contribute?

We firmly believe that surviving TB takes more than diagnosis and treatment; it requires social, economic and family support, along with counseling. The purely clinical paradigm for defeating TB has failed in India due to multiple underlying vulnerabilities that act as facilitators to the spread of TB. 

What have we done?

The campaign recently came together to compile a detailed list of suggestions that we strongly feel should be included in the national plan for TB (2017-21).  These suggestions are targeted points and address specific aspects of the disease, from prevention and awareness, to nutrition and economic support. These suggestions were sent to all key stakeholders and decision makers to help them understand the needs of TB affected.

Through our work we hope to change the current paradigm and practicies in the way TB is diagnosed, treated and addressed in India both within the health system and within communities.

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